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McNeil tries to re-write history of bad health care deal

The fall session of the Nova Scotia legislature wrapped up Thursday – not with a whimper but a crack – as the government ignored opposition and expert advice and whipped through its flawed cyber bullying and adult capacity legislation. Those bills, … Continue reading

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Liberal mid-term troubles bring back same old political landscape

As the federal Liberal government marks its second anniversary it appears at least some of the bloom is off the Trudeau rose. Several national polls actually have the Liberals neck-and-neck with the Conservatives. The CBC’s Poll Tracker aggregation, updated Oct. … Continue reading

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Energy East: Political posturing over a business decision

One newspaper report described as “terse” TransCanada’s announcement cancelling construction of the Energy East Pipeline. And indeed it was. “After careful review of changed circumstances,” declared TransCanada’s CEO, “we will be informing the National Energy Board that we will no … Continue reading

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Updated NS Budget 2017: Deja Vu, only worse

Driving back to Dartmouth from last Tuesday’s provincial budget lockup at Pier 21 we were required, like the rest of the traffic, to slow down because of the construction project that has turned Water Street into an obstacle course. The … Continue reading

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