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Failure to launch: The campaign and the health-care debate

There is a major irony at play so far in the federal election campaign. The media keep reporting on provincial politicians and health-care advocates complaining that health policy is not getting enough attention from the federal parties. Then they barely … Continue reading

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Harper gloats while everyone overlooks the main story

After being knocked off course by (as a Prime Minister of the UK once famously put it  “events, dear boy, events,[1]”) the media took their cues from the sign bearers at Conservative rallies. As week seven of the election campaign … Continue reading

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Public Accounts contradict Liberal gloom and doom

When Nova Scotia Finance Minister Randy Delorey summoned public sector union leaders last month to tell them about the government’s austerity-driven “new approach to collective bargaining” he had a tough act to follow – himself. Less than three weeks before … Continue reading

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