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Harper budget makes pre-emptive strike against provincial complaints

During his reign, Stephen Harper has famously refused to meet with provincial Premiers as a group, thereby consigning  the federal-provincial first ministers’ conference to the political remainder bin along with other quaint last-century ideas like regional development and  equal public … Continue reading

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Film tax credit controversy exposes troubling downward trend

I wasn’t planning on getting into the controversy over the film tax credit. What could I say that hasn’t already been said with a combination of passion and reason by the 2,000 souls who demonstrated at the legislature last Wednesday? … Continue reading

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As provinces tighten the screws, federal budget will help the better off

The Harper government’s disdain for provincial governments and the public services they provide to their citizens is on full view as the budget season in Canada rolls along. Last week the feds finally announced April 21 as budget day in … Continue reading

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