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Harper delivers another lump of coal to the have-nots

It has become a fixture on the Canadian political calendar. Each year in mid-December Canada’s finance ministers meet behind closed doors to discuss public business and find out the details of federal transfer payments for the year ahead. Those transfer … Continue reading

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The Usual Suspects attack Nova Scotia’s fracking ban – with the usual distortions

December 10, 2014 The Liberal government’s pre-emptive decision to ban high volume fracking in the wake of an independent commission’s report that simply recommended going slow has attracted a lot of flak, in both Nova Scotia and across the country. … Continue reading

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Among provinces, wealth equals health

  Below is the first entry in my blog, the Nova Scotia Observer. It is adapted from a briefing note prepared for decision makers and others who may be concerned about the fairness of federal health transfers to the Provinces … Continue reading

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